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Firefly The Game - Artful Dodger Expansion

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Artful Dodger – a nimble modded Series III Firefly that starts with a faster drive core and has more space for crew – is a fifth playable ship for Firefly: The Game, allowing for up to five player games.

Unlike the standard Firefly vessels the Artful Dodger gets a "Modified Radion Accelerator Mark II" drive core from the Osiris Supply Deck as its starting drive core. With its faster core and higher crew/lower cargo capacity, captaining the Dodger means working fewer delivery jobs and focusing on riskier, more profitable crime jobs.

The Artful Dodger is a promo item which includes the Artful Dodger ship playing piece and matching player mat.
Adds 1 player

Firefly The Game  Artful Dodger

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