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Beer Pong  The Card Game

Beer Pong - The Card Game

Price: $14.00
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Love Beer Pong but hate the mess? Always have an excess of pongy enthusiasm but never have ping pong balls and cups when you need them? Then our Beer Pong Playing Card Game will be just the thing for you.

Each card is printed with helpful illustrations and instructions for a full game of Beer Pong, so you'll have less arguing and more beer-drinking. The cards are coated with a beer-resistant lacquer so you can just wipe them clean after you spill beer all over them, and the deck can be used as a full set of normal playing cards if you get sick of yelling and drinking beer (which is not likely, but hey.)

What more could you want?


- A full deck of 52 Playing Cards specially designed for Beer Pong

- Each card is printed with illustrations and instructions for players

- Also functions as a normal deck of cards - you get 2 for 1!

- Cards are covered in a beer-resistant coating and can be wiped clean