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Same Same But Diffrent
Same Same But Diffrent
Same Same But Diffrent

Same, Same, But Diffrent

Price: $40.00
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Manufacture:What Do You Meme

Looking to put your pun-tastic wordsmithing skills (or immature mind) to the test? Sounds like it's time for Same Same but Different, the party game of ridiculously funny double entendres! Setup is simple: Players draw a ''Safe" Card and a "Risky" Card, and compete to find the funniest phrase that suits both situations. This card game is perfect for those who are great at making jokes about the spicy parts of life... even when they probably shouldn't. Bring Same Same but Different to your next housewarming gathering, bachelorette party, friend group hang out, or any other fun event you have planned! Brought to you by What Do You Meme?

How To Play: The judge draws a Safe Card and a Risky Card. Then, players write down a response that could reasonably be said in both situations. Funniest answer wins! Just bring your A-game, because it's harder than you think (get it?)

Please also see attached high resolution photos and let me know if you need anything else!