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Death Wish

Death Wish

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The lose or die party card game

Death Wish is a morbidly fun 2-8 player party card game with 240+ unique cards. Pit yourself against your friends and be the first to croak by catching an array of diseases!

Do dirty things and gain symptoms - Get bitten by a spider monkey, eat some dog poop or maybe even sleep with a mermaid. Combine afflicters with the correct symptoms and you’re on your way to creating deadly disease matches!

Contract diseases, from mild to deadly - Race and compete with your friends to catch the available diseases on the table. From the mild and common likes of the ROFL-itus to the uber rare Elbowla, the deadly choice is yours!

Share your unique diagnosis to the group - Managed to create a lethal match? Great! Share your unique diagnosis to the group and throw in some backstory for added effect. With over 200 unique cards, the combinations are vast!

Interact with disease outbreak effects - Did your disease have an outbreak? Interact with other players by sneezing, puking and farting to get you ahead of the game.
Age 18+