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Who Killed Mia

Who Killed Mia

Price: $50.00
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Category:Murder Mystery

Bringing WDYM’s vibe and marketing skills to the fast growing and exciting category of mystery games. 

Players: 1+ Players
Playing Time:  30-90 Min
Age: 17+

-Introduction video
-40 pieces of evidence
-10 digital experiences
-Evidence & Instructions

A mystery game series made by and for Gen Z, Millennials and the true crime obsessed.

Can you figre out WHO KILLED MIA?

An immersive digital experience

Players are given three 24-hour Evidence Packs, each with their own checkpoint. Solve the first before players can open the next Evidence Pack.

Use your phone to scan QR codes, break into Mia's iCloud, scroll through her social posts and read scandalous text messages....and more!