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Australian Menagerie Card Game

Australian Menagerie Card Games

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Category:Card Games
Manufacture:Wild Connections

Australian Menagerie™ is a competitive game of chance and strategy which highlights the diverse range of Australia's wildlife and habitats. The aim of Menagerie™ is to collect as many animal cards as you can for each habitat of your nature reserve and to protect them from threats to their survival, eg. fire pollution and feral animals. You score points for each animal card you have in your nature reserve at the end of each hand. The first player, or team to gain 100 points wins the game. Menagerie™ can be played at 3 levels. Level 1 is for young players but it is also a starting point for all players. We suggest you play a game at Level 1 before moving on to Levels 2 and 3. The south east Australian standard game of Australian Menagerie™ consists of 3 habitat mats (each featuring the coast, forest and semi-arid habitats), four cards for each of the 11 Australian animals featured, 5 threat cards and 5 management strategy cards. Each of the ADD-ON Habitats packs (Australian Alps, Red Centre, Tasmania, Coral Reef and Tropical Rainforest) have 5 unique habitat mats, 4 of each of the 4 animals found in that habitat and an extra threat and management card.