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Price: $27.00
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Category:Family Games
Players: 2-5

It's the game that takes you to the edge of the solar system.

An astronomically great game that’s fun, easy to learn, educational and highly addictive.

Astronauts is the ultimate space game as you race your opponents to explore the planets and moons of our solar system and then return safely back to Earth.
Explore Mars, the moons of Jupiter, Saturn’s rings, Neptune, the Kuiper Belt and more as you slingshot your way from planet to planet and use your booster rocket and hyperspace to speed your safe return.
The further out you go the more points you get but the more difficult it becomes to return, so beware getting stuck in Deep Outer Space.
Avoid the Asteroids, beware of the Black Hole, watch out for the Wormhole and survive the Super Nova, whilst you try not to get stuck in the grip of Jupiter’s massive gravity.
The excitement builds as the lead changes with each returning mission and the game is often won or lost on the final go.
No two games are ever the same in this clever game that you will want to play again and again.
The fascinating facts on all the planet & moon cards add an educational element, whilst different levels of play make it accessible for a broad range of ages and abilities.

Contents: 20 planet cards, 9 moon cards, 3 dwarf planet cards, 8 return to earth cards,16 special cards, dice & rules sheet.