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Players: 3-8

Acid? Dangerous? Annoying? A car saleswoman! Edible? Quick ? Flexible? Captain America or an ostrich? In Platypus, players cooperate to gradually eliminate bad words, in order to find and identify the Platypus through their Adjective cards. Between very personal definitions and limited cards in hand, you will sometimes need to have intuition and even imagination!

8 common or proper names - the Platypus cards - are put face up in front of all the players. The Guides know the card the Explorers have to find and guess. For this, they give clues in the form of Adjectives cards which best define the Platypus for them. These clues are chosen from their 4-card hand. With each new clue, the Explorers eliminate 1 or 2 names that do not correspond to the given definition. The goal is to find the Platypus while leaving visible the card matching the target name. A game can end in two ways: when the team obtains its 4th Success - in this case the players beat the game - or when the team eliminates the Platypus.

Components list:
278 cards nouns and adjectives, 1 board game, 2 Explorer tokens, rulebook

• A hilarious party game
• Wacky descriptions and definitions
• Up to 8 players