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Battle Mat  Lord of the Rings

Top Trumps Battle Mat - Lord of the Rings

Price: $32.00
Available: Out of Stock
Category:Card Games
Brand:Top Trumps
Manufacture:Winning Moves

In this new Battle Mat edition of the classic game, Top Trumps goes tabletop as you deploy unique tokens to mix up gameplay, and take it in turns to place your cards on the mat. Once the cards are revealed, it's time to determine how many battles youve won. The first player to take 7 battles wins the game! Will Samwise Gamgees Bravery stat carry you to victory, or will Boromirs Height help you come out on top? With characters including Gandalf, Frodo, Arwen, Galadriel and Gollum, and categories such as Fighting Skills and Power, the entire trilogy is represented across 30 cards featuring official photography and custom descriptions.