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Bang! - The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead Bang! Is Chasing You to Your TableTop

BANG!: The Walking Dead is a shoot 'em up card game where your favorite Walking Dead factions face off in a battle to survive! Each player becomes a famous Walking Dead character while taking on the roles of Leader, Savior, Survivor, or Loner.

The Leader of the Survivors is revealed to all and attempts to protect everyone while staying alive.

Saviors, who hide their identities, aim to kill the Leader of the Survivors.

Survivors, who also go incognito, aid the Leader in staying alive.

The Loner, who is of course working alone, tries to defeat everyone else while accomplishing his/her own objective.

BANG!: The Walking Dead adds Walking Dead flavor to the original BANG! game and can be played as a stand alone game or mashed up with classic BANG!.

Ages 13+ | 4-7 Players

Bang  The Walking Dead
Bang  The Walking Dead
Bang  The Walking Dead
Bang  The Walking Dead

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