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Djeco - Ouitutwist Card Game


The monkeys all look very similar so you will have to pay attention to spot the right one when it appears. This game makes family game night a fun night.
A speed game where players turn over their card in the deck grey-side up, next to the deck of card with the coloured side. Players should see a grey card and a coloured card. Players must quickly try to find the card that combines: - the position of the monkey on the grey card and - the background colour of the coloured card. If the card showing this combination: - is visible on the table, the first player to tap the card wins. If it is not visible on the table: its in the deck! The first player to tap the deck wins the first grey card in the middle of the table.
Players: 3-6 Players.
Time: 15 Minutes.
Aim of the game: Be the first player to find the right card that features a specific colour and activity.

Djeco   Ouitutwist Card Game
Djeco   Ouitutwist Card Game
Djeco  Ouitutwist Card Game

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