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Catan 25th Anniversary Edition

Catan - 25th Anniversary Edition

Price: $145.00
Available: In Stock
Players: 3 - 4

Catan 25th Anniversary Edition is an upgraded package that doesn’t touch the game play in any way. Players will still roll, receive resources, trade, and build until someone reaches 10 Victory points from some combination of Cites, Settlements, and Development Cards. What it does do is upgrade all of the art, components, and game assets down to the box insert itself. This edition will have a lot of appeal to either someone who is interested in Catan but has somehow avoided it so far, or Catan enthusiasts looking to upgrade their game to a nicer-looking version of the game.

Catan: 25th Anniversary Edition contains the Catan base game, the Catan: 5-6 Player Extension, the Helpers of Catan scenario, special iridescent anniversary wood pieces and dice, resource card sorting trays, and card sleeves.