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Category:2 Player

Taste the new game of Bruno Cathala, one of the most prolific and award-winning authors. The competition is fierce between vanilla and chocolate donuts aficionados!

Behind the sweetness of these delicious donuts is hidden a clever streamlined 2-player game. DONUTS, which was first playable as INSERT, is an abstract strategy game in which you attempt to align five rings of your color to win.

How to play:
Randomise the 4-panel game boards, distribute 15 donuts to both players, and start playing. Each move conditions the next player's move. Your goal is to align 5 donuts without letting your opponent turn the game around by inserting one of its donuts in your line. If you manage to insert a ring between two rings owned by the opponent — whether by placing your X piece in a space like this O_O or in a space like this OXX_O — then you change those opposing rings to your colour.

The box contains:
- 30 wooden rings
- 4 game boards
- 1 rulesheet