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Rokr  Mechanical Air Vehicle

Rokr - Mechanical Air Vehicle

Price: $120.00
Available: In Stock
Number Pieces:229

This Mechanical Gears project by Robotime lets you piece together a plywood Air Vehicle Model that moves with its very own gear drive!

Pre-cut using state of the art laser-cutting technology, each piece of the puzzle is easy to remove from the flat-packed sheets of plywood.

The pieces are all numbered for your convenience, and go together smoothly as you consult the illustrated step-by-step instructions!

You won’t need glue to assemble your model thanks to the ingenious interlocking design, but you’ll require some patience and a steady hand.

Even beginner model makers can tackle this Robotime model with wind-up gear unit and spring drive!

Watch it propel forwards with it’s spinning propeller and moving gears as you turn the clockwork key.

This family-friendly project is perfect for teens and young adults to nurture creativity and woodworking skills.

Your Robotime Mechanical Gears Air Vehicle includes: 229 pre-cut plywood pieces and the pieces to make a wind-up gear unit and spring drive.