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Hansa Hand Puppet  Possum

Hansa Hand Puppet - Possum

Price: $60.00
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Possum Hand Puppet is approx 30cm long

When you hold these wonderfully "life-like" animals, you will see and feel HANSA's emphasis on quality, which is a result of careful attention to design, custom fabric selection, cutting, sewing, stuffing, eye placement, feature creation, framing, air brushing and finishing. Since each animal is hand sewn, there will be slight variations in appearance.

Please note: Hansa Puppets are floppy and do not stand on their own as shown in some of the official product photos. While this puppet has moveable arms and head, the mouth does not open and close.

Suitable for 3 years +

Hansa is renowned the world over for its true-to-life recreations of the world's most loved animals. This enchanting Possum full-body hand puppet is from the Australian Native collection and has been carefully handcrafted in partnership with wildlife experts and brought to life with meticulous attention to detail. The Possum’s luxuriously soft faux fur has been beautifully hand trimmed to highlight her sparkling eyes and adorable pink nose. A wide mix of high-quality fabrics has been seamlessly blended to perfectly capture each of the possum’s iconic features. The possum’s trademark pointy ears have been highlighted with textured fabrics and fine airbrushing and the Possum’s gorgeous little paws have been brilliantly recreated with a blend of rich chocolate and white airbrush shading. Simply pop your hand inside the beautifully lined fabric, wrap her tail around your arm and watch as she comes to life as the perfect gift for family and friends or even yourself!