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Eugy  Elephant
Eugy  Elephant
Eugy  Elephant

Eugy - Elephant

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Welcome the largest land mammal downsized to the palm of your hand. And it doesn't weigh 7,500kg either! You can identify an African elephant by its ears - it's shaped like the continent it's named after!

Elephants are smart and sociable, with a range of emotions that mirror our own. They can use seismic communication to convey messages over long distances, sending and receiving vibrations through the ground. They are also vitally important to the environment, as their daily activities shape the landscape, supporting the survival of other animals and plants. Sadly, Africa’s elephants today face many threats, from poaching and conflict with humans to habitat loss and drought.

To help save these gentle giants, 10% of the net sales profit of the Elephant EUGY is donated to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a non-profit working in Kenya to rescue orphan baby elephants, protect wild herds, and secure the places they call home.