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Holdson  Wasgij  Original 35 Car Boot Capers

Holdson - Wasgij? - Original 35 Car Boot Capers

Price: $35.00
Available: In Stock
Size/Scale:68 X 49CM
Number Pieces:1000

Wasgij Original 35 Car Boot Capers! is a hilariously fantastic 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle in the popular Wasgij range. Its prime shopping time for bargain hunters at the Lower Frumpington Car Boot Sale with plenty of bobby-dazzling deals to be had. But something has caught the eye of our savvy shoppers and they are finding it hard to resist, leaving the stallholders fuming. But what could it be? This is the scene you will have to puzzle. Wasgij Original is the unique brainteaser puzzle concept where you have to work out the cause of the scene in the puzzle box image and discover why the characters in the illustration are looking so shocked? Can you use the clues to determine what has happened? Use your imagination and puzzle what everyone is looking so shocked about. Remember, only the puzzle holds the answer! This fabulous Wasgij puzzle has been illustrated by Jumbos popular artist - James Alexander - and James hilarious sense of humour shines through each of his Wasgij puzzles, and is the reason behind the Wasgij brands massive fans base across the world. Completed puzzle size: 68 x 49cm