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Metal Earth  Star Wars  Imperial Star Destroyer

Metal Earth - Star Wars - Imperial Star Destroyer

Price: $72.00
Available: Out of Stock
Category:Metal Earth
Brand:Star Wars

This Imperial Star Destroyer Premium has far more details than the standard one. This kit has loads of etching and depth which makes this build unique. It is a more complicated and challenging build and would look awesome displayed for all to see. It's one of those kits where the more you look, the more you see. This kit for the ultimate addition for any Star Wars fan. 

Build your own Imperial Star Destroyer ICONX model from this amazing METAL EARTH kit. The parts are laser cut from ultra-thin flexible steel sheets. No gluing or soldering is required – just pop out the pieces and connect using tabs and holes.

The Premium Metal Earth models are larger than the standard sized models and feature more detail with increased accuracy.

Kit includes:

  • 2.5 square sheets with pre-cut pieces

  • Full printed illustrated instructions

Build difficulty: Challenging