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Nanoblock  Titanic

Nanoblock - Titanic Deluxe

Price: $100.00
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Nanoblock Deluxe: Titanic Nanoblock is a micro sized building block from Japan. Start building on a scale never seen before! This amazingly small micro sized block makes it possible to create detailed masterpieces from tiny animals and miniature musical instruments to architectural landmarks from around the globe. With exciting models to appeal to every personality, nanoblock is sure to captivate builders of all ages. With over 1800 blocks the Titanic Deluxe model comes complete with iceberg. This impressive model will be the feature item of any serious nanoblock collection. Features: - With over 1800 blocks, each nanoblock Deluxe set takes over 8 hours to complete - Includes detailed colour instructions - Popular with boys and girls 12+ years - Loved by the young