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Holdson - Wasgij? - Destiny 15 Shopping Shake Up

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Shopping Shake Up! is the title of this fantastic Wasgij Destiny 15, 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and is sure to be a favourite among our Wasgij fans. Doing your weekly shopping used to be such a social scramble in a cramped general store, but how does the big supermarket experience of today compare? Imagine you are the little girl in the flowery top buying sweets. How will everyone be going about their weekly shop when shes all grown up, and will she still have that sweet tooth in years to come? This is the scene you have to puzzle! Use your imagination, and the clues provided on the box, to piece together how the scene will look like in the modern day with all special offers, aisle upon aisle of food, clothes, toys and of coursethe horde of shoppers.

Holdson   Wasgij   Destiny 15 Shopping Shake Up

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