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UGears  Butterfly
UGears  Butterfly
UGears  Butterfly

Ugears - Butterfly

Price: $80.00
Available: Out of Stock
Number Pieces:161

Assembly time: 2-4 hours

Model Size: 29*55*40 cm

The UGears Butterfly 3D puzzle set is as unique as it is beautiful. Following the success of stunning moving mechanical horse, the UGears Horse Mechanoid set, we are expanding the boundaries of wooden mechanical puzzles’ possibilities. This Butterfly set is a yet unparalleled blend of nature and engineering, like many other UGears’ sets has more in store than first meets the eye and has all the potential to become an unforgettable gift for a friend or a colleague or a real treat for yourself. Prepare for an endless flow of questions from everyone that sees the Butterfly on your office desk or in your room at home. An elegant and colorful animated kinetic sculpture, it will never cease to amaze.

This stunning creature does move, but not like something you just had a blast assembling from pre-cut all-natural wood parts for a few hours, would move. Brought to life by a self-propelled rubber-band motor, this model moves to imitate the flutter and the flapping of wings of a real butterfly and doesn’t need any external power source.

Like other UGears 3D puzzle sets, the Butterfly is made from high-grade 100%-natural plywood, doesn’t require the use of any extra tools or materials, such as glue, at any stage of its assembly, and fills the room with an unmatched wooden aroma the second the box has been opened.