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Ugears  Drift Cobra Racing Car

Ugears - Drift Cobra Racing Car

Price: $120.00
Available: In Stock
Number Pieces:370

Model size: 25.5*21*11.5 cm
Package size: 37.8*17*3.3 cm
Number of components: 370
Estimated time for assembly: 9 hours

We know you love car modelling and you love the Ugears Dream Cabriolet, Roadster, and U-9 Grand Prix. Well, make room on the shelf, because a powerful new mechanical model just muscled its way into the Ugears Automotive collection.

Introducing the Drift Cobra Racing Car, a beautifully-styled, two-seat convertible—our twist on what may be the most revered sports car of all time: the Shelby Cobra 427. The Cobra 427, produced between 1965-67, had a 7.0 litre 450-510 horsepower engine, did 0-60 mph in just over 4 seconds, and had a top speed of 185 mph.