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Ugears  Archballista Tower Mechanical Model Kit

Ugears - Archballista Tower

Price: $79.00
Available: Out of Stock
Number Pieces:292

Number of parts: 292
Assembly time: 6 hours
Level: Intermediate
Tower size: 15.3*9.5*9.6 cm
Archballista size: 9*8.1*14.2 cm

Ugears goes romantically medieval and invites you to become a siegecraft expert with its new exciting model – Archballista and Tower. Inspired by the best examples of ancient artillery, legendary battles of the past re-enacted in films, books, and games, this model provides a new spin on the classic war machine to test you great conqueror’s skill. Ugears’ new model consists of two parts: the siege machine itself and the mechanical tower. Both units are moveable and have plenty of articulated details. The Ballista has two modules: the firing unit and the base. The base has adjustable legs stabilising the machine during firing. The firing unit – or the actual ballista – shoots wood bolts. The firing mechanism can shoot up to three bolts in a round.